Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Vance Fuller Invitational

Yesterday was our first pre-season tennis match-up, and it started our year off with a pretty good start. As I mentioned previously, my high school is the host of the “Vance Fuller Invitational” and is an event which occurs annually. Four schools, including my own, participated in the tournament, which means I had to play three singles matches, and three doubles matches.
I was pretty nervous for the day to start, considering the last tournament I played in occurred over Christmas Break. I played as number one in singles at the tournament, and ended up placing second overall, and my doubles partner, Sheila and I, placed first in the doubles portion of the tournament.
As I was playing, I found myself actually having fun. That probably sounds weird, you’d think that I’d have figured out by now whether or not I enjoyed tennis, but as wacky as it sounds, sometimes I really, really dislike tennis. Playing tennis yesterday didn’t cause me to finally decide whether or not I want to play tennis in college, but it did help me to realize that even though tennis can be incredibly frustrating at times, I still enjoy playing tennis.
Another thing about yesterday that made me really excited was that my coach came out and watched me play. My coach, Joe, came and watched part of my first doubles match. I really like it when he comes and watches me play, and seeing him there yesterday, made it all the more a better day.

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