Sunday, November 1, 2009


Above is the link I used to research the job description of a chef.


The main thing I looked at when searching this site, is the following list of general tasks that may be faced by the chef of a restaurant.


An executive chef job involves many moving parts. The duties of an executive chef may include the following tasks:

0.Creating a menu

0.Deciding on a theme for a restaurant

0.Food preparation

0.Managing employees

0.Establishing and maintaining contacts with vendors


Overseeing customer relations”


         When I think if chefs, I think of people dressed in white uniforms with a ridiculous mushroom-shaped hat adorning their heads.  I think of people hard at work in the kitchen, trying to make dishes as fast as they can.  I never really thought about tasks far beyond preparing food, but this list illustrates how some chefs are in charge of much more than that. 

         As I mentioned earlier, I have been interested in interior design for quite some time.  If I had a restaurant, and had to decide on a theme for the interior of the establishment, I think that I would enjoy doing that, because the decisions I would need to make would reflect my interest in interior design.

         I like being in control of things.  Don’t get me wrong; I’m not one of those power-hungry persons that boss everyone around… most of the time.  I guess I have a tendency to be bossy, but generally, when I am telling people what to do, I know what I’m talking about, and I do listen to the input of others as well.  I am a good leader, and am often put into positions of leadership when others don’t want to make decisions, so I think I would do well with a managerial position.

         I know I haven’t written anything about this, but I have thought about majoring in business in college, and working as an executive chef with a list of tasks such as the one above, it would be very helpful to have business skills.  And since business is something that interests me, I think that I would like business-related aspects of being an executive chef.

         There are however, some aspects of being an executive chef that I don’t think I would like very much.  “Overseeing customer relations” for example, is something I wouldn’t like to do.  I hate awkward confrontations; I am constantly analyzing situations to determine potential awkward confrontations, and at the same time, trying to figure out a way to avoid them.  I wouldn’t like to deal with customers with complaints, but if I were in a position of power, such as an executive chef, I would most likely have to deal with rude people. 

         Another thing I wouldn’t like about being an executive chef is coming up with a menu.  I’m not sure that I would be able to create my own dishes.  I know that saying this may sound ridiculous now, because I have no formal training in culinary arts, but what if, after attending a culinary arts school, I still lack the creativity required to create delicious food? 

         If I were to go into a career involving culinary arts, I think that I would probably enjoy it, though I feel that it could be easy for a job such as an executive chef, to get old fairly quickly.  I want a job that will keep me happy, and interested for as long as I work, and I’m not sure that being a chef would satisfy that desire. 

         So, as with most of the other occupations I have researched, this job doesn’t get a definite “no” or “yes,” but merely a “maybe.” 

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