Sunday, November 1, 2009

         I remember one of my friends coming back from a college visit about a year or two ago, and being really excited about one particular college.  My friend is also interested in culinary arts, and we one time fantasized about co-owning a bakery.  My friend said that this particular college is beneficial to those who are interested in business, because the college gives you a job that applies to what type of field you plan to enter.  I believe the name of the college is “The College of the Ozarks” and it sounds like a neat school.

         I looked up College of the Ozarks online, and the first thing I looked at was their sports program.  I found, that this college has only two women’s sports teams, and neither of them involves tennis racquets.  I didn’t examine the site further, because I have already decided that I want to play college tennis, but it seems that every college I am interested in does not have a tennis team!  

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