Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tennis in College

This weekend was probably the first time I sat down and researched several colleges at one time. My tennis coach finally got me the list of colleges he thinks I should look at, and so I stayed up looking into the universities he recommended for me.
The list he made out included about six colleges varying from several division three colleges to one division one college.
The list included:
-Coe College
-Carleton College
-DePauw University
-Central College
-Huntington College
-University of South Dakota

I haven’t finished looking at all of the colleges from his list yet, but I have ruled out a couple of them. I don’t want to go to Coe College, (it’s just too close to where I live now) or to Central College (the town is too small, and there aren’t any actual indoor tennis courts). But while I have decided that at least two of these colleges are probably not for me, none of the colleges I have looked at so far have really convinced me that I want to go there. In fact, researching these different schools has made me rethink whether or not I actually want to play tennis in college.
I know that in the past I have probably sounded like a broken record with all the times I have said that I want to play tennis in college, but researching all of these colleges has made me reconsider whether or not college tennis is for me.
Believe it or not I actually hate tennis. Well not really, but sometimes I really feel like I do. Tennis tournaments and meets can be really stressful, and there are so many rivalries, that it can all just be too much to deal with at times. If everyone I ever had to play was always nice and pleasant (whether they were winning or losing) than I probably would decide to play college tennis. But when I get stuck playing someone with a really nasty attitude, it just takes all the fun out of playing the game. And when I think about the attitudes of my opponents, it seems like I shouldn’t let that determine whether I play tennis or not, but for me, its actually a lot bigger of a deal than it probably sounds.
As I think of the approaching high school tennis season, I can’t help but feel a sense of dread. I love playing tennis, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t always like the competitive aspect of the game.
So whether or not I am going to play college tennis is still up in the air, which presents a problem for me in doing my research. Since I don’t know if I should play tennis in college or not, it makes choosing colleges to look at a little more tricky. At this point, what I plan on doing is looking at colleges that fit the other criteria I want to see in my future alma mater, and not rule out any school based on whether or not they have a tennis program.

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