Sunday, December 6, 2009

Among the sports, and musical instruments I have tried out, I have found some form of success in most of them, but it wasn’t until I focused my interests on two things, that I start feeling more passionate about what I do.
I have played six different musical instruments at some point in my life. I didn’t play them all at the same time, in fact, the most I played at one time was probably two, but my career in musical instruments was over by the sixth grade. I have played the piano, violin, guitar, accordion, saxophone, and the snare drum. I think the instrument I played for the longest was the piano for somewhere around five years, and the least amount of time I spent playing an instrument was probably just a few months, and that was with the saxophone. I just never really clicked with musical instruments.
I have however, taken voice lessons off and on since elementary school. While I never really enjoyed playing instruments, I have always loved singing. Today, as a member of my school’s show choir, Happiness Inc., singing is a major part of my life. I sing all the time: at school, at home, in the shower, when I’m driving, I just love to sing.
For me, singing is just one of those things that helps complete my life, because I cant imagine life without song. Don’t misinterpret that last sentence to mean that singing is my life, because its not, it’s just a major part of it. I feel that it is a huge blessing that I am in the high school district that I am in, because the performing arts program at my school is just phenomenal. If I hadn’t been involved in show choir as a freshman, I don’t think I would have every discovered just how much singing means to me, and that for me, is somewhat scary. I almost didn’t try out for show choir freshman year, and had I not tried out, I probably wouldn’t have discovered just how much I love to sing.

I was online looking at quotes about singing at and I found the following quote,

“Those who wish to sing always find a song.”

This quote absolutely holds true for me, because no matter where I am, I can always find something to sing.

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