Sunday, December 20, 2009

I have always loved making arts and crafts. I don’t mean arts and crafts as in painting or drawing, what I like doing is making 3-D crafts, like sculptures. I have just always taken an interest in that type of art. One type of art I think would be awesome to learn how to do is glass blowing.
I remember, when I was in third or fourth grade I believe, taking a fieldtrip to watch a glass blower in action. When we got there, we watched a slide show that I remember being very boring, and then we watched the glass blower make a glass creation.
I don’t remember what it was that the glass blower made, but I do remember being very impressed and interested by his obvious talent at shaping the glass. It was fascinating watching him make a beautiful creation out of a once shapless blob of glass.
I’m not sure if glass blowing is a cultural art, because the glass blower we watched was from Germany and didn’t speak English, so maybe glass blowing is more of a European thing, because I had never really heard about this art until we went on this field trip. All I really know about glass blowing is that the artist must have a lot of practice and skill to be able to do what they do!
This is the type of art that I like doing. It’s hands on, creative, and not your typical elementary school craft. I’m not sure how you go about finding an instructure for glass blowing, but it is definantly something that I would love to give a try someday.
Just look at the ease the artist in the video below has when he makes his beautiful creation. I wonder how long he has practiced, and how many times he has made this particular sculpture to get to the level of glass blowing that he is at!

I just think that this art is so cool, and I would really love to be able to make this type of sculpture someday.

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