Sunday, December 20, 2009

Glass Blowing is an art that requires much pacience. It sounds like a craft that also requires a lot of trial and error to get the hang of.
The glass used in the process of glass blowing must first heated up so that it is more flexible, and easier to work with. After the glass is hot enough to work with, a blowpipe is used to blow a bubble into the glass. This bubble is the start of the long process of creating a finished glass piece. The artist continues working with the first bubble, changing it’s shape until it is just so. Color is also added to the glass as the artist works. After the artist is satisfied with his final project, the neew glass creation is cooled down to room temperature.
Glass Blowing is an art that shouldn’t be self-taught. Some local studios and colleges offer classes that teach glass blowing. I’ve never heard of glass blowing as a college class before, but I’m sure that some colleges must offer a class such as this!

The website I used to learn a little more about glass blowing can be seen by viewing the following URL:

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