Sunday, December 13, 2009

I mentioned in the previous post that while at NCYC, I visited a booth advertising Quincy University. After talking briefly to the representative of the school, I became interested in Quincy University, even though I still knew very little about it.
What I know about Quincy University:
-It is a smaller school
-I think it is probably a Christian University
-They have a tennis team!

I decided to look more into Quincy University at this web address:

Whenever I visit a college website, I always feel overwhelmed by all the information vying for my attention. When I go to a website, I like to see a homepage, or at least an “about” page that is directed towards people like me, that just want a brief summary about the school. Some websites don’t appear to offer such a summary, but I did find one for Quincy University, their summary is as follows: “Quincy University is a private, four-year, contemporary liberal arts university grounded in the Franciscan values of respect and social justice. We offer undergraduate and graduate programs designed to prepare you to engage the world around you. Academic success, social connections, leadership opportunities - these are all within reach at QU. Experience our commitment to you and your future. Join the Quincy University community.”
After reading this paragraph, QU sounds like a good college I might potentially apply for.

After looking more at the website, I saw that QU has an average class size of twenty students, is located in Illinois, and has a pretty long list of majors. But even with all the aspects of QU that fit my criteria for what college I want to attend, I don’t get the feeling that QU is the college I should go to. After researching this university, I doubt that I will end up going here.
Maybe I’m being stupid, or too picky, but when I pick a college to apply for, I want to get a feeling that it is the “right” college for me, and I’m really not getting that feeling with QU.

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  1. A co-worker saw your blog and thought that I would comment. I wanted to say it was great meeting you, and getting to talk to you about QU @ NCYC. I saw that after looking at our website you didn't get that QU would be the right fit for you. I would like to encourage a campus visit so you can see campus. I also wanted to encourage you to check out one of our student blogs:

    Best Wishes,

    Admissions Counselor
    Quincy University