Sunday, September 27, 2009

Today I read an article (use the link above to view) about being a forensic scientist. I found that this job is similar (as I expected it to be) to being a medical lab technician/technologist. Being a forensic scientist actually sounds pretty interesting. Forensic scientists may be required to test clothes of suspects for traces of drugs, or determine whether a bullet came from a certain gun, really, a forensic scientist deals with any evidence that could prove useful in identifying the underlying truth in a criminal case. As a forensic scientist, one would work at crime scenes and in labs, and occasionally, their work could take them into dangerous situations. I think that being a forensic scientist would be more interesting than being a medical lab technician/technologist because medical lab technicians/technologists seem to have a "list" or "group" of procedures that they do regularly, and I think that this could get repetitive, but for a forensic scientist, due to the variation in crimes that occur in the world, the sky really is the limit on what type of procedures a forensics scientist may be required to do.

Although being a forensic scientist sounds like it would be an interesting occupation, reading this article has also made me think that it would also be a very emotionally draining job. As a forensic scientist, one would be expected to do some pathology work. I have ruled out pathology and other medical positions as future occupations because I am a very squeamish person, and I don't think that I'd be able to deal with working with corpses at all. This could really be a depressing job to have as well, because if one works in an environment whose main focus is on crime, it could really be very depressing and make one forget about all the good there is in life.

Even though being a forensic scientist sounds interesting to me, I don’t think that it is the job path that I will end up taking. I guess I just feel that in this job, the factors that I consider unappealing outweigh the fact that I think that this is an interesting job.


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