Sunday, September 27, 2009

(Above is the link that I used to research interior design)

As one would probably expect, it doesn’t take a lot of research to learn about what an interior designer does for a living. Interior designers can work for themselves, or for more experienced designers, and are usually responsible for the structure, and/or d├ęcor of a room. Interior designers help clients decide on color palettes, paint, furniture, accessories, and arrangement of the components within a space so that the space can function to fit the needs of the person/people using it.

Often times, interior designers work with architects when designing a room. This collaborative work between the architect and interior designer is done to make sure that the layout of the room will be functional, and meet the needs of a client. I had never really thought about this, but interior designers working with architects makes a lot of sense, because together, they can both plan a room that will be functional, and will match the purpose the room or space needs to serve.

This article also mentioned how interior designers can be specialized in designing a certain type of space, interior designers may specialize in restaurant interiors, lobbies, bedrooms, living rooms, etc. I found this specialization of interior design interesting. I think that if I were to choose a specific type of interior design right now, I’d probably go with designing restaurants, living rooms or lobbies. I’d want to do this type of design because I think these spaces often require more formal and sophisticated designs, and that type of design is more of the type that I am interested in doing.

Though I am an artistic person, I don’t think that I would want to be an interior designer full time. If I was working for a client, I think that I would feel too pressured to create a room that they would absolutely love, and would feel terrible if they ended up disliking the final product. I also hate painting walls. I think that painting rooms is really boring, and I hate painting close to the ceiling, counter tops, cabinets, or close to any crown molding that may be around the room. I am also a very indecisive person, so I don’t think I’d consistently be able to help clients make decisions on color choices, furniture, and accessories for their rooms.

Overall, I think that being an interior designer would be an enjoyable job. I don’t think that this occupation is right for me though, for several reasons. For one thing, as I mentioned above, I am a very indecisive person, and I just wouldn’t want to deal with the stress of picking out a design scheme that is perfect for whomever I am designing for. Another reason I wouldn’t want to be an interior designer is that I want a job that is more reliable. The article said that the demand for interior designers would go up through the year 2014, but I have a hard time convincing myself that this job would provide sufficient security during occasions that present economic hardships. I’m not saying however, that I don’t want to do any interior design, on the contrary, I would really love the opportunity to design and decorate some rooms. I just think that I’ll have to stick with coming up with design plans for my own home, and not worry about helping others design theirs.


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