Sunday, September 20, 2009


         Above is the link to the website I used to research information about being a medical lab technician. After reading this article, I feel  that this job is not what I expected it to be.

         When I think of about the occupation of a medical lab technician, I think of specialized scientists in white lab coats, working inside a lab, in front of a microscope. I guess that this ideology is partially true, but after reading this article, I realized that being a medical lab technician is not quite what I expected.

         I think that I have always planned on attending at least four years of college after I graduate from high school.  It has pretty much always been my plan. A medical lab technician however, is required only one-two years of college education after receiving a GED or high school diploma. I don’t want to pursue a job that doesn’t require at least four years of college education, because I feel that my years in college could be some of the best, most influential, and vital years of my life.  I want to enjoy them, and I want to enjoy more than two of them.  The years after high school, will be important because if I am still undecided in what career I want to pursue in, I will still have a couple of years to decide what I want to do before picking a major. If I only attend one-two years of college, I think I would already have to be pretty set on what I plan to major in.

         As I looked further at the article though, I read that medical lab technicians usually work under the supervision of medical lab technologists. In the article, I read that these technologists are more specialized and have a more extensive education than technicians, I am still interested in doing some sort of lab work for a living, so I have decided to research the occupation of medical lab technologist for my next posting.



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