Sunday, September 20, 2009

This is the website that I used to research the occupation of a Medical lab technologist.


         While reading this article, I realized that being a medical lab technologist is what I think of as a stereotypical scientist.  Medical lab technologists wear lab coats and goggles, work and run tests on various biological samples, and must be able to work with computers and microscopes.  When I was younger, when I thought of the word “scientist” I would think of someone similar to what the article described the medical lab technologist to be. 

         I think that being a medical lab technologist kind of sounds like a neat job to have.  They do a lot of analysis on human body fluids, like the matching that needs to be done before a blood transfusion.  They work with identifying certain cells in a sample, and use microscopes in their work. Biology is one of my favorite subject, so maybe I would enjoy a job like this, but some aspects of this job have left me with some doubts.

         “Those in the profession should be able to perform well under pressure, pay close attention to details and have good analytical judgement.”  After reading this sentence from the article, I became uncertain as to whether this job was for me.  I do not deal well with pressure.  I never have; so depending on how much pressure this job has, I’m not sure I’d be able to deal with having this type of job, because I know that I would get really stressed out if I was always under the pressure to be both very accurate and precise. 

         Being a medical lab technologist seems like it would be an interesting job path to pursue, however, I do not think that being a medical lab technologist is what I’m meant to be doing.  This job does have a wide variety of responsibilities, but I’m not sure that the type of variety of procedures they are, would hold my interest for as long as I would like them too.

         Looking further into this occupation however, has made me think more about forensics.  I have thought about going into forensics prior to reading this article, but I am a little reluctant to even let myself consider forensics as a career choice, because I am worried that being an actual forensics scientist, wont be as interesting, or exciting as its made to look on shows like CSI Miami.  I think I will next at an article about forensics, because I do think it sounds interesting, and what’s the harm in just looking, right?



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