Sunday, September 20, 2009

         Last week, there was a meeting for any junior or senior at my high school, interested in participating in a job shadow program. I went to the meeting, and thought that the program sounded like it would be worth my while, and so I filled out a job shadow application, with the intention of turning it in yesterday, but I didn’t end up turning it in because I forgot that it was due until after I had already left the school.

         I suppose I could’ve found a way to get my application turned in, but I wasn’t really motivated to do that.  I’m not sure why, but I feel kind of relieved, and I don’t really feel that disappointed about not turning my application in, because when I was filling out the application, I wasn’t sure which jobs I wanted to choose to do a job shadow on.  The list offered so many choices, and I had a hard time just picking two. I ended up writing “medical technician- lab” and “interior designer” as my two career choices. Ever since I started watching HGTV’s “Design Star” I’ve felt inspired to look into a career of interior design. I really like to do hands-on art projects such as painting and decorating rooms, but after redoing a couple of rooms in our house, I am not sure if I have the patience or the decisiveness to be an interior designer.

         I wasn’t really sure what a medical lab technician was when I wrote it on my application. I was thinking that the work done as a medical technician might be kind of like the work done by the lab workers on shows like CSI. I think that analyzing various DNA and blood samples to answer the ever-present question, “who done-it?” would be an interesting job, but I think that that type of job is more forensics than a medical lab technician.

         So I’ve decided to research the medical lab technician occupation today, and see if it is really something that would interest me.

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