Sunday, September 13, 2009

         So yesterday, Saturday, September 12, 2009, I took the ACT test for the first time!  I took the PLAN test last year, which is like the PSAT, or practice SAT, and I did pretty well on it, and after taking the ACT I feel alright about how I did, but now just really want to see my scores!

         In the last year or two, I have taken an interest in science, mainly biology, and have been thinking about pursuing a career in science.  Another reason I have started considering majoring in science, is that after starting high school, I have been scoring higher in science on standardized tests like the PLAN test, and on ITED.

         After taking the ACT test however, I was left with some doubt about whether or not I should pursue with science, because let’s just say that the science portion of the ACT was a little… rough!

         Before starting the ACT I felt that if I struggled with other parts of the exam, at least I would do well in science! but after actually taking the test, I feel a little doubtful.  I guess that this isn’t entirely unusual, I mean, last year when I took the PLAN test, I don’t think I felt particularly confident about how I did on the science portion of the exam, but when I got my results back, I think that my highest score was in science.  So because I have felt worried about my science scores before, but have still scored well in that subject area, I am hoping that I will score really well on the science section of the ACT test.


         I also recently started taking an online evaluation where a survey asks a ton of questions, and after evaluating your answers, gives you a list of job suggestions, I haven’t finished the survey yet, but am anxious to see what job is recommended for me!



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