Sunday, January 10, 2010

Last night was the first show choir competition of our season. The competition was in La Crosse, Wisconsin, at the University of Viterbo, and was a good opening to our season. We were awarded second runner-up, and even though that is not the placement we all would have liked to have received, the competition was a good experience that will ultimately help us grow as individual performers and as a group.
Ever since freshmen year, when I started becoming more involved in musical theatre, coming back from Christmas break has always meant one thing: show choir season. Competition season entails early morning bus rides to different cities, wandering around the halls of different schools with a head full of curlers, and watching different top notch varsity show choirs compete for the title of “Grand Champion”. And it was at our first competition, Viterbo that I truly realized just how much I love show choir. I know that probably sounds corny, dorky, and probably just a little bit lame, and I don’t want to come across sounding like one of those kids whose life revolves around show choir, but being in a varsity show choir and traveling to all these different competitions has really added a ton of excitement to my life. That being said, when I think about how next year is my senior year, and so also my last year of show choir, I feel really disappointed that the ride is almost over, I don’t want it to end.
As far as I can tell, show choir is a regional “sport.” Show choir is especially prominent in the Midwest, but there are also several non-Midwestern groups that are traditional powerhouses at show choir competitions. All the good show choir groups I have ever seen and heard of were all high school groups, but I have heard of college show choirs too, and last night, at Viterbo University, I saw Viterbo’s show choir, “Platinum Edition” and I’m not saying that they made me want to do college show choir, but I do think that it may be something to consider.

Here is a video of a song performed by Viterbo’s “Platinum Edition,” it isn’t one of the numbers I saw them do last night, but it’s done by the same group.

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