Sunday, January 31, 2010


I have never planned on attending one of the local colleges in Cedar Rapids. None of them have ever really appealed to me. The University of Iowa sounds like a pretty good school, and I love the Hawkeyes, but I don’t think I would ever want to go to a university with such a big population! And I know this sounds ridiculous, but I’m not sure I would be able to bring myself to go to Iowa State University partially because I’ve grown up with a disdain for the Cyclones. None of the smaller local colleges have appealed much to me either.
I have never really had anything against the University of Northern Iowa, and have never looked into attending this University. I am going to research more about UNI because it’s close to home, not a huge college, but at the same time is not a ridiculously small college.
I found the UNI’s website to be very unique and helpful. You can view their site by following this link:
I have friends that are at UNI right now, and I’m sure some of my friends will attend UNI next year after graduation. UNI has a tennis team, but unless I play a ton over the next year and I half, I probably wouldn’t make the team. What I like about UNI is that it is fairly close to where I live now, about an hours drive. I am going to keep UNI in mind when I apply for colleges, and when I go on college visits next summer.

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