Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saint Vincent College

The start of the new year, and as far away as it seems, summer really is just around the corner! My mom wanted me to have some colleges in mind to visit this summer, so I figure I should probably get on that.
I still haven’t decided if I want to play tennis in college, but I have decided that I think I might want to participate in the performing arts in college. I don’t really want to major in music, but I don’t want to stop singing after high school, so now, I am looking for a college that:

-is preferably a Conservative Christian college
-has a decent tennis team
-a good music department
-isn’t overcrowded, but isn’t really small at the same time

While searching online for a college that meets my standards I came across Saint Vincent College.

Check it out at

Saint Vincent College is located in Pennsylvania, and even though that is a little further away from home than I wanted to go, I still think it might be worthwhile to look into.
One of my main concerns when looking into colleges is the student to faculty ratio. I don’t want to be in a classroom full of a hundred other kids. I like being in smaller classrooms, and at a college like Saint Vincent College whose faculty to student ratio is fourteen to one, I think I would be able to be in that smaller classroom environment.
Some more things I like about this college is that they have a tennis team, a music program, and a wide selection of undergraduate programs, which is good, considering I don’t know what to major in.
All in all, I like Saint Vincent College, and will defiantly keep it in mind when trying to figure out which colleges to go visit this summer.

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