Sunday, October 4, 2009

         Sometime over the 2009 summer vacation, which ended a little more than a month ago, my mom registered me to take an online survey, which asks a lot of different questions with the purpose of making a list of jobs that are compatible with the answers expressed on the survey.  Well, I started the survey about a month ago, but found it very boring and tedious, so I didn’t end up finishing all of the questions until today.  I am glad that I have the survey out of the way, but find myself disappointed in the jobs that the survey suggested for me.  The survey took a list of a lot of different jobs and put a “job fit” percentage next to each job, indicating how compatible I was with that particular job.  The following is a list of some of the jobs I scored the highest on, though my highest “job fit” percentage was an 84%.


         Chemical Engineer

         Civil Engineer

         Graphics Designer


         Purchasing Manager

         Systems Administrator

         Database Developer         



         Business Manager


         Some of these job recommendations came as a surprise to me, others seem to fit some of my current interests, and as for some of the other suggestions on this list, I have no idea what some of them even are!  Biologist for example doesn’t really come as a surprising suggestion, because biology is on of my favorite subjects.  Podiatrist came as a little bit of a surprise because I really really really dislike feet! And a systems administrator? What IS that?

         I don’t really feel led in any particular direction after taking this survey, so I am not convinced that it has helped me much if at all in narrowing down my interests, but I’m glad I finished the survey, because otherwise, I would always be wondering if taking the survey would have pointed out the perfect job for me.



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