Sunday, October 4, 2009

         As a way of helping myself stay organized, and also as a way of re-gathering my thoughts, I am going to do a recap on the jobs I have already researched, and also make a list of more jobs I might want to check out.


Been there done that:

         (List of the jobs I have already researched, and evaluated)


-Computer Software Engineer

         -I don’t want to be sitting in front of a computer all day


-Medical Lab Technician

         -I thought that this occupation sounded like it could get a little repetitive, and I wanted to work as a more specialized scientist


-Medical Lab Technologist

         -I thought the procedures could get boring, but still haven’t entirely ruled this occupation out of my options


-Forensic Scientist

         -This job sounded interesting, but I thought this job could get too emotionally draining, or that it wouldn’t be as exciting as it appears to be on shows like CSI


-Interior Designer

         -I didn’t think that this job would be very reliable, and I think that it would cause too much stress



Looking to the future

         (List of the jobs and majors I still want to look into)





-Doctor (I don’t know what kind yet, TBA)



         I am a little disappointed in how short that last list is.  I guess I have an idea of what type of job I want, I just don’t know what jobs fit that job description.


My job description:

         An occupation that will keep me interested, keep me involved, allows/requires me to do some moving around, but not necessarily all the time, a job that makes me feel unique.


Now, I just have to find the job that fits that description, and I’ll be good.



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