Sunday, October 25, 2009

            I think it is worth mentioning that my research on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has made me twenty-five cents richer.

         I was hanging out with some friends one night, and we were discussing college football, and I asked “UNL is part of the big twelve (conference), right?”  There was a pause in the conversation, and then I was informed that UNL stood for the University of Northern Louisiana, or at the very least, did not refer to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

         Now, this made me a little confused, because while blogging about the University of Nebraska, I had referred to the university as UNL.  “No, UNL refers to University of Nebraska-Lincoln” I persisted, but no one wanted to agree with me.  It eventually came down to a bet between myself, and a friend of mine, over who was correct, winner would get a quarter.

         The next day, I googled “UNL” and the first results that came up as a part of my search were in reference to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Needless to say, whether my friend has realized it yet or not, I have won our bet, and will be (as soon as he fulfills his end of the bargain) twenty-five cents richer. 

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