Sunday, October 18, 2009

         I could list on one hand everything that I know about Hillsdale College.

                  1) Liberal arts school

                  2) It’s located in Michigan

                  3) A conservative school


         I hadn’t even heard of Hillsdale until last year, when I received an introductory letter from them, amongst many others letters from many other colleges and universities.  I asked my mom if she had any background knowledge about Hillsdale, to see if opening the letter was worth my time, and she said that Hillsdale is a very conservative school, so yes, I opened the letter, and Hillsdale has been on my list of potential colleges ever since.

         But I think I need to know a little bit more about Hillsdale than I already do, to determine whether or not I want to go there.


         When I first started looking at the Hillsdale website, I had the opposite reaction than I did when I was looking at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln website- I got a positive vibe from the Hillsdale site. 

         I know this will probably sound like a stupid thing to notice, and to take into consideration, but the Hillsdale website was a lot easier to maneuver around and understand.

         As I started looking through the website however, I started to feel uncertain that I wanted to go to Hillsdale.  I found that the number of students at Hillsdale is around 1,300.  I know that I said I wanted to go to a smaller college, but I was thinking that somewhere around 5,000 students would be a good number, 1,300 seems like it would be a little small.

         Another thing that bothers me is their athletics program.  I have been playing varsity tennis since my freshman year, and I feel like if I don’t play in college, every hour of practice I have put into becoming the player I am today, would seem a little pointless.  Hillsdale has tennis courts, but no team. 

         One thing I did like about Hillsdale was that they seem to have a pretty extensive selection of majors for a school of that size.  Another thing I like about Hillsdale is that the faculty-to-student ratio is about 1:10, so this enables students to get to know their teachers better.


         After researching the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Hillsdale College, I still don’t know if either college would be a school that I’d want to attend.  The University of Nebraska is a little bigger than what I had in mind, but Hillsdale is a little bit smaller than what I want, so like my plans for what I want to major in, I have very little idea of what college I want to go to. 

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