Sunday, October 11, 2009

            When I was younger, I was really involved in several different sports.  I competed competitively in volleyball, basketball, swimming and tennis.  When it came to sports, basketball was always my first love, though I really liked tennis too.  After reaching high school though, I decided to limit myself to one sport, and I decided to focus on tennis, rather than basketball.  My main reason for quitting basketball was because I felt too pressured when I played on a team where four other girls are depending on me to constantly perform to the best of my ability, whereas tennis is more of an independent sport, so if I don’t play my best, in many cases, I only let myself down. 

            My experiences with both basketball and tennis have left an impact on my life in many ways.  I remember my mom telling me once that she thought I would make a good coach someday, I am fairly sure that she thought this because of my sports background, and my interest in athletics.  I can see myself as being some sort of coach someday, however, being a coach doesn’t really sound all that interesting to me.  Something along the same lines as a coaching job that does interest me is being a physical trainer.  I think that being a physical trainer sounds interesting because it would encompass my interests in both science and sports into the same job.  It may or may not have been my mom’s comment on me being a coach someday that has sparked my interest in becoming a physical trainer, but whatever the reason for my interest in this job area, I have decided to research being a physical trainer for my next potential job.

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