Sunday, October 18, 2009

         The only reason I am even considering attending the University of Nebraska, is that one of my best friend’s brother is planning on attending the University next year.  Our families have been close friends for many years, so his mom talked to my mom, and of course she talked to me, and now, the University of Nebraska is amongst my narrow list of potential colleges and universities. 


The first website I used to research UNL


         As I looked through the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s website, I started to feel frustrated.  I didn’t think the site had a good layout, because I couldn’t find much of what I wanted to learn about UNL.  I eventually had to look at another website.


The second website I used to research UNL.


From looking at the second website, I was able to see that UNL probably has a pretty good science program.  Now, I’m not sure that I want to major in science, because doing all of this research on biological professions has made me feel a little burnt out on the study of life, but if I do ever pick a major, and it is science-related, UNL would be a good school to consider attending.

         One of the main things I wanted to learn about UNL, was its faculty/staff to student ratio.  I was unsuccessful in finding this information, but did however, come across the approximate number of students in attendance at UNL.  The second website I used said that about 22,000 students attend UNL.  22,000 can be a very scary number. 

         When I picture myself as a college student, I have had a few basic expectations (for lack of a better word) that I want that college to meet.  I have tended to picture myself going to a smaller college.  I don’t like to be in large crowds of people; so finding out that UNL has about 22,000 students is a little scary.  I think I could get over the large amount of people at the University though, if I really felt that I am called to go there.

         I didn’t however, get a positive feeling about UNL when I was researching their website.  It could have just been that researching UNL makes the thought of me leaving high school in another year more realistic, or it could be that UNL is not the right school for me.  They say that when a bride tries on her wedding dress, that she’ll know it’s the right one.  Not to make a dorky comparison, but that’s how I want to feel about the college I choose, I want to Know that it’s the right school for me.   

         I’m going to put UNL on a shelf for awhile, or at least until I have looked into a couple more colleges, to see if I get the same feeling about them as I did when researching UNL.


P.S. I think it’s worth mentioning that my grandpa went to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and became an engineer.

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