Sunday, October 4, 2009

         I took the ACT test on September 12 of this year.  They said that I could expect my results to come anywhere from five-eight weeks, so when they arrived two days ago, I really wasn’t expecting it.  After looking at my overall score, and then looking at the breakdown of my score into different subject areas, I was a little surprised about which subjects I scored highest on.  The subject areas I scored highest on were Reading, and the combined score of English/Writing.  I have a good foundation in reading, I have my mom and “Hooked-on-Phonics” to thank for that, but I guess that in the past couple of years, I’ve felt more interest in, and have done better on science portions of most standardized tests that I have taken, so having a higher score in reading and writing came as a bit of a surprise to me.

         Even though I scored the highest on English related subjects, I still think that I will probably go into some sort of science or math occupation; because those are the areas of study that I have more interest in.  I also figure that just because my highest score on the ACT wasn’t in science, that I shouldn’t use this to help indicate whether or not I pursue with a science-related career, because after all, my science interests lie mainly in biology, whereas the ACT tests you over several fields of science such as physics and chemistry. 

         Obviously, taking the ACT has forced me to think a little more about a college to attend.  My mom and I had my ACT score sent to five colleges: University of Nebraska, Benedictine College, Hillsdale College, Franciscan University, and the University of Dallas (where my sister is currently attending).  Though I am also thinking about College of the Ozarks, because I have heard some interesting, and good things about it from a friend that is going through the acceptance process there.  In my mind though, as of now, my top two college choices are Hillsdale, and the University of Nebraska.  I don’t know much about either of these two colleges, the only reason I hold these two schools in a positive point of view is because I have heard good things about each of them.  I have also heard that the University of Nebraska has a pretty broad science program, so If I do decide to major in something science-related, I could very well end up going to the University of Nebraska.  But for now, I am still undecided on, and still open to checking out more colleges and universities.



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