Sunday, October 25, 2009

         I have considered joining the military after high school, but I never really thought that I would actually follow through with enlisting.  Something about joining the military seems terrifying and interesting to me at the same time.  Joining the military has always sort of been something to think about, but to never actually consider

         Both of my parents were in the military, my dad was a Spanish translator in the army for two years before working as a doctor for the air force.  And my mom was a nurse in the air force.  My parents met each other while serving in the air force, and well, the rest is history.

         I told myself a while ago that I wouldn’t join the military, but my main reason for making this decision was because I was afraid.  Entering the military, in my mind, is beyond terrifying, but I don’t want to not do something merely because I am afraid.  With this thought, I have decided to reconsider the military as a post-high school plan, because I would hate to end up later in life wondering if I should have forgotten my fears and joined the military.



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